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Door and Washroom systems can be complicated and cumbersome.  Out team of trained professionals are ready to support your project and continuing facility needs.  We support the complete life cycle of you systems to ensure continued safe and secure service are maintained.

Installation Services:

Doors - Our installers have been trained in the latest installation techniques.  Installing frames, doors, Locks, closures and hardware can be challenging.  Our installers are up for the task, supporting the installation of all of the products we sell.  Whether your project is a fit-out, retrofit, repair, or new construction our team is ready to support your project needs.

Washrooms - If your project contains restroom, bathrooms or locker rooms our installation team is experienced in the proper techniques to ensure you materials are install in accordance with state, local, architectural and manufacturers recommendation.


Maintenance - Preventive/Predictive:

Don't wait until it breaks!  Out of service doors can become a safety and security problem if not corrected.  At Gateway Doors can develop a Predictive/Preventive maintenance program that can help reduce the number of occurrences of a failed door system.


Repair Services:

When the inevitable happens, our trained professional can help with those repairs to get your door systems back in service and minimize the out-of-service time.  For those situations where you may need new or duplicate access, we are able to provide a keying service for replacement keys, rekeying, and additional keys as you business grows and changes.


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